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One of the most important stages of intra-port forwarding of goods exported abroad or imported into Russia is customs clearance of the cargo.

Customs procedures included in the clearance procedure

Going through the customs inspection procedure usually involves three steps:

  • - Submission of a declaration, which provides details of the nature and parameters of the cargo, places of origin and destination;
  • - Calculation and payment of duties and taxes;
  • - If necessary - customs inspection of the cargo, verification with the customs declaration.
The procedure for submitting a customs declaration is quite complex, legislated and formalized. At the same time, the procedures for customs declaration of different cargoes may differ significantly.

What a customs specialist in Novorossiysk can help you with?

The speed of delivery of goods to the consignee directly depends on how quickly the customs clearance procedure was completed. In order to avoid additional time and costs, we recommend entrusting customs clearance to an experienced specialist. A professional who has studied in detail the subtle aspects and peculiarities of customs legislation and documentation will help you to pass all customs procedures as quickly as possible.

Thanks to long work with customs authorities, our specialists have learned to carry out in the shortest possible time a full range of import-export operations of any goods.
Experienced specialists in customs clearance of our company will help to easily carry out customs clearance, pass the customs inspection procedure and issue a permit for export of cargo from the surveillance zone.

With our help you will legally reduce customs duties and pass the certification.

The end of the customs clearance procedure can be considered to be the receipt of a set of documents confirming the passing of the inspection and legal border crossing.

Our company will take care of any issues that arise,
so that you can be sure of resolving any unforeseen
situations and successful transportation of your cargo.

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