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One of the most popular ways of cargo transportation is road transportation. Its main advantages are cost-effectiveness, flexibility, availability and affordability. This type of cargo transportation can act as the only mode of delivery and as an integral part of combined multimodal transportation.

Peculiarities of cargo delivery by road transport:

The use of road transport for cargo transportation has a lot of positive aspects. It is the most affordable and easy way to deliver goods to the end customer, even to the most remote door-to-door location. Road transport allows you to create customized routes and not be dependent on the terms and conditions of rail or maritime transport.

However, it is worth noting that long distance or large tonnage road transportation can be quite costly. Transportation over short distances (up to three thousand km) without crossing the border is considered the most profitable.

Peculiarities of cargo delivery by road transport:

In Novorossiysk, road transportation usually serves as a part of multimodal cargo transportation. After unloading at the seaport, the goods are shipped to their destination by road.

Our company offers the most profitable and efficient road transportation in Novorossiysk. Experienced specialists will draw up an optimal route, ensuring no downtime, minimal financial costs and cargo safety. If necessary, we can arrange additional services such as security, insurance and escort of goods in transit.

With the help of satellite tracking systems, we can constantly monitor the location of the cargo throughout the entire route of the vehicle.

Our specialists will select the type of vehicles that best suits the type of cargo being transported (oversized, perishable, etc.). In addition to our own fleet of vehicles, we actively use the capacities of external fleets of vehicles.

Professional approach to the choice of vehicles is the key to successful transportation and cargo safety.
In our work we strictly comply with safety standards and legal requirements in the field of cargo handling and transportation.
Our company will take care of any issues that arise,
so that you can be sure of resolving any unforeseen
situations and successful transportation of your cargo.

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